New Favourite Band: Lock

Lock sound like crushed black velvet. They are the soundtrack of your bittersweet breakup. Anxiety and despair swell up until that cathartic moment when that first tear drop escapes. Pupils dilate. Exhale. You’re gonna be just fine. Right? London sisters Edie and Gita chat to us about their very moody and very sexy debut single

Photography: Lucia O’Connor-McCarthy

New fashion photographer Lucia O’Connor-McCarthy wows us with her aquatic adventures. Words by James McIrvine. Underwater Love… Going straight from a Philosophy degree at Trinity College Dublin to becoming one of London’s most exciting new fashion photographers doesn’t seem a typical career path but then there’s nothing typical about Lucia O’Connor-McCarthy’s astonishing photography. What could be

Interview: Iggy Azalea

We gave Iggy Azalea her first UK magazine cover – read the interview. WORDS BY JOSHUA NEVETT We talk to badass new hip-hop star Iggy Azalea about making it big in a man’s world, twitter feuds with Azealia Banks and upsetting parents with her PU$$Y (the song, that is). We meet Iggy Azalea mid-photoshoot in

Interview: Jessica Agombar

Maya chats to Jessica Agombar about her new musical direction and her first solo video for ‘Bam Bam’ You’ve surprised everyone with your très east Landan musical direction – especially given that you used to be in the über pop girl group Parade. Tell us what inspired your new sound? Its definitely the route I

Interview: Nicola Roberts

Ever the cool one in Girls Aloud, her debut solo album Cinderella’s Eyes features collaborations with cutting edge electro producers Diplo, Metronomy, Dimitri Tikovoi and Dragonette. Nicola tells all about going solo, launching a make-up range and designing Cinderella’s shoes WORDS: JAMES McIRVINE So, ‘Beat Of My Drum’ was a quirky pop smash, ‘Lucky Day’

Interview: Eli & Fur

They’ve written tunes for Girls Aloud, and rocked party crowds worldwide. We talk to the 23-year-old DJ -producer – fashionista duo Eli & Fur WORDS: CECILIA BORJESON How would you introduce each other? Eli: This is Fur… Gemini. Fur: This is Eli, she enjoys festivals and strawberries dipped in chocolate. How would you best describe

Interview: Skip & Die

South Africa’s Amsterdam-based singer of tropical bass outfit Skip & Die, Cata.Pirata, chats beautiful music and er, cockroaches WORDS: MAYA VON DOLL Where are you right now and what are you doing today? I am in two minds whether or not to say. The one mind says Portugal-on-tour, the other says stuck-in-a-pencil-caressing-paper. Then there’s this

Photography: Riya Hollings

Riya Hollings’ online editorial Love Your Life showcases incredible work from up-and-coming artists. Find out what she loves about hers and sample some of her stunning photography on the pages that follow WORDS: DIGBY Riya Hollings is a freelance fashion stylist and photographer living and working in London. From 2005, Riya studied the arts of

Interview: Linda Perry

You might not know the name Linda Perry, but as one of the most successful songwriters in the business you’ve definitely heard her music.  MAYA VON DOLL chats with the songwriter.  Do you think girls have taken over pop music? No, not really. I think it seems pretty even to me. I think it stays

Interview: Kelsey Ellison

Good morning Kelsey what have you got planned for this week? I’m back in Barnsley for my sister’s 18th. Everyone’s dressing up as Olympians from different countries. Obviously I’m Japan! Then I’m back in London working on my live shows. Oh My!’s Alex told us you both went to an artsy college up north. What

Interview: Martina Sorbara of Dragonette

Dragonette’s singer reveals the things that have helped her get ahead while staying sane in the crazy world of Electro pop WORDS: JAMES MCIRVINE THE NAME Dragonette was what my iPod was called. I plugged it into Dan’s [her husband and the bassist in Dragonette] computer and he said “that looks really cool” so we

Interview: Sophie Ellis-Bextor

The Scene Queen is interviewed by THILINI GUNARATNA We should mention straight away that you have a personal connection with Shut Your Pretty Mouth… I’ve known Dimitri [SYPM resident DJ] for quite a while. We worked together on some stuff for my album ‘Trip The Light Fantastic’ in 2007, and for the new album we